Chicago Swingers House Parties

Does Chicago have the best Swingers House parties in the entire country?  This is a question that a group of us were talking about last weekend.  Many of us have been to some pretty outrageous house parties around the country including some pretty amazing parties at the Kasidie mansion in Las Vegas.  We don’t know if Chicago has the very biggest, wildest craziest swingers house parties, but we do know that we have a lot of them, and for the most part, they are an absolute blast!  We are so excited about some of the House Party / Swingers Clubs that are becoming more and more popular in the Chicago area.

There are longstanding parties like Couples Playhouse and new, up and coming on premise house parties Like Club Erotic / Club Dezire69.  There is also Stateline Affairs and so many more public meet and greets and semi private house parties.  Some of the parties don’t even charge a fee to attend, or they give big discounts to kasidie members.  Kasidie is the best thing that has ever happened to Chicago swingers!

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Chicago Swingers Parties

There are so many Chicago Swingers Parties happening this summer! This is such a great time to be a Swinger in the Chicago area!  There are 43 Chicago Swingers Parties listed on that are all taking place within the next 90 days!  From Swingers house parties like Club Dezire69 / Club Erotica in Beecher to the luxurious and erotic Couples Playhouse in North Aurora, a 2 day Swingers Carnivale in Wheeling, a Prom Night style Swingers dance in Rosemont and a free Memorial Weekend On Premise Swingers party at Club Euphoria here in Chicago. 

We remember a few years back when it was hard to find a Chicago Swingers party anywhere and now, thanks to the booming membership on sites like Kasidie, there have never been more young, sexy, and playful Chicago area swingers and swingers parties in Illinois.  The great think about Kasidie is that you can literally shop for the swingers party that you want to attend, plus you can even look at the profiles and see the number of people who will be attending!  If it doesn’t match up with your style, no problem!  Just go down to the next one and take a look!  We have had more fun than we could have even imagined a year ago and we would love to have you join in on the fun!  You can see all of the parties and events with a free Kasidie account.  No credit card needed to sign up!  You can still be a swinger without joining Kasidie, but we have NO IDEA why you would want to!  You will never know about all of the great Chicago Swingers parties without it!
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Best website for Chicago Swingers

We want you to join our rapidly growing, and extremely sexy Chicago Swingers community!  We admit it… we may have an ulterior motive.  We love meeting new open minded, adventurous couples, and sexy singles.  There are so many new swingers and curious couples getting invloved in the swingers lifestyle here in Chicago and WE LOVE IT!  Swinging is not what it used to be.  It is becoming much more mainstream and many more men and women are allowing themselves to enjoy a more liberal sexuality.  It is easier than it ever has been to meet other couples and singles who share your sexual desires.  Whatever your fantasies are… Bisexual, girl/girl, mfm, couples swapping, wife swapping, hotwives, cuckold, interracial swinging.  You might be surprised to find out that your neighbors or co-workers are already doing it!

The Chicago Swingers landscape is growing every day.  There are more and more swingers parties and swingers clubs, and we are here to help you find the right environment for you to explore your own private fantasies!  Welcome to Chicago Swingers!
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